VConcrete Concept

The Concrete Concept

Right from the days of Roman Empire which prevailed around 8500 years back, concrete has always been an integral part of our civilization. From small structures to giant sky crappers, concrete is the one what you see. These days concrete is most widely used human-made material.

The word actually has its origin from latin word “concretus” which simply means compact or condensed. Many types of concrete are available in market, differentiated by the proportions of the main ingredients. Strength, density, Chemical compositions may also vary accordingly.

The Concrete Concept

Aggregate in concrete simply means bigger chunks of material like crushed rocks such as limestone, or granite, along with materials such as sand.

Cement is generally a term associated with "concrete." To produce concrete from most cements, water is mixed with the dry powder and aggregate mentioned above, which produces a semi-liquid composition that can be shaped into any form. The water reacts with the cement, which bonds the other components together, creating a robust stone-like material. Thus, we ultimately get solidified concrete which is rock solid material used to create gigantic structures.

Why Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC)?

Why Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC)?

We at V Concrete work with volumetric concrete mixer which delivers the ready mix in a dry state and then mixes the concrete on site. This process helps to combine a precise amount of all aggregate mentioned above like rock, sand, water and cement together by weight, also allowing specialty concrete mixtures to be developed and implemented right there on construction sites.

The first ready-mix factory was built in the 1930s, but the industry did not begin to progress much until the late 60s, but after that it has never seen a downfall in any of the circumstances.

Ready-mix concrete is often preferred over other of same fraternity due to many factors like cost and its versatility, from small water tanks to big water reservoirs to miles long bridges. It also has comparatively longer life than other products.

If we consider an example of roadways than there It has an average life span of 30 years under high traffic areas while normal concrete may just sustain for about 10 years.

Ready-mix concrete, or RMC is also known as tailor made concrete as it is specially manufactured right there at construction site or at some nearby RMC manufacturing unit.

Why RMC at Vconcrete?

We at V Concrete have two units established on both directions of Kachchh and hence we easily provide complete construction solutions on both east and west sides of Kachchh.

V Concrete having wide range of modern day machineries and with extraordinary human skills, makes it one of the wisest choice for Ready mix concrete. Along with its decade long experience and time-tested services leaves you with no better option than V Concrete.

“Your work will then not be Yours but Ours”,

Why RMC at Vconcrete?

This is the motto we follow and have no doubt in this as our clients says much more about us than we do. Trust building and Customer relation is what we always look upon and we sincerely consider our client above everything we have.