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Digital Transformation in Ready Mix Concrete Industry

Digital Transformation in Ready Mix Concrete Industry

RMC Industry has been always being plagued by issues such as ensuring proper understanding of customer requirements,  tracking of product delivery during transit from manufacturing plant to site,  unceasing follow-ups,  and planning error-free concrete pours. Improper handling of these issues leads to losses in man-hour, time, and quality and cause customer dissatisfaction. In this age of digitization,  leading  RMC  company felt the need to formulate a  business-oriented Ready Mix Concrete ERP  for addressing these Business concerns.

The concrete industry has undergone a significant change in the last decade to keep up with the digital revolution and a fast-evolving world. Digital offerings already account for 46% of total sales in the concrete industry. The present scenario is only expected to grow and become more robust in the upcoming years. It’s essential to adapt to a more digital approach. In the current scenario, the businesses have adapted to a more flexible model. In this changing business environment’s the challenge is to come up with a system that offers more stability and reliability.

ERP or Enterprise resource planning

ERP or Enterprise resource planning is a solution to this problem. It helps in the integration of management of the leading business processes, often in real-time and mediated by software and technology. Hence, ERP for Ready Mix Concrete Industries is software that organizations use to manage day-to-day business activities. It includes accounting, procurement, project management, supply chain operations, and enterprise performance management.

What is Ready-mix Concrete ERP?

Ready mix concrete ERP software helps manage plants across various locations and take care of day to day operations more efficiently and at a low cost. Being cloud-based, and it is accessible anywhere. Ready-mix concrete ERP combines technology, innovation, and design to help businesses deal with crucial problems they face every day. Some of the ways RMC software helps the businesses are:

-> The RMC Software helps businesses grow and evolve in real time-consuming, dynamically in competitive fields.

-> ReadyMix ERP gives business automation, enabling raw data transformation into valuable information that can be used later.

-> The Ready Mix ERP is a place that enables you to get all data and statistics in one place and enhance efficient decision-making.

-> The RMC Software adds value to businesses and helps them develop profitable, efficient decisions while taking care of customer needs.

ReadyMix ERP is a cloud-based solution that gives the plant owners complete real-time updates and daily plant operation control. The RMC ERP Software gives users comprehensive information about everyday activities like mixing ingredients to deliver a finished product. Thus, helping the business in the long as with the software’s help, they can make sound and effective decisions.

Benefits of adopting RMC software

RMC software has revolutionized the way business is being done in the ready-mix industry. It makes the process efficient, speedy and digitized, which benefits workers in the long run. Some of the features of ready mix concrete that make this an absolute must-have are:

Sales: ReadyMix ERP gives an idea about the Quotation and Sale Order Creation of the Batching plant software with a detailed Customer report. This facility ting daily sales. It is a steady analysis of the sales and distribution module.

CRM: With the help of the RMC Management ERP Software, you can have facts and data concerning the Leads and Opportunities management, Sale Analysis, Sales Pipelines, and customer reports

Purchases: The RMC Management ERP Software helps regulate purchase modules, production planning, and inventory control. Thus, helping the business in creating RFQs. Moreover, it is also helping companies keep up with the Purchase Orders with Vendors Master.

Production: With the help of the RMC software you can keep track of Work orders, Quality maintenance, Raw Material Planning based on pending sales, and Resource scheduling. Now, your businesses can target the core necessities of RMC industries.

Quality Testing: The RMC Software supports every phase of the business operations, including testing production, including design, mix, concrete, cement, water absorption, etc.

Inventory: The RMC Software handles every report and provides a helpful, flexible set of data to run a business and maintain an appropriate stock level in the warehouse. Thus providing software reports on stock opening, “Stock Valuation,” and “Inventory Analysis.”

HR & Payroll: The RMC Management ERP Software helps in providing a detailed account of how the company workforce can have a seamless integration into other work parts.

Accounting: Now with the help of the RMC ERP software detailed financial reports, General Ledger, Branch wise Profit Analysis, and other valuable financial information

Fleet Management & GPS Tracking: The RMC ERP helps in providing real-time vehicle location tracking services, lot tracking, and related fuel and maintenance charges for each vehicle. Apart from that it also helps estimates the arrival time, trip details, and fuel. It also helps secure the driver’s information.

Final Thoughts

RMC ERP software is beneficial to keep pace with this development. Grow your business and become future-ready with RMC Management ERP Software.